Public Engagement

Writing and interviews about Pakistan 2022 Floods

  • BBC World News Interview. On differentiated responsibility of the global North and South in a climate-changing world (link to video)
  • DW News TV Interview. On high debt service-GDP ratios in the global South constraining climate adaptation (link to video)
  • Pakistonomy Podcast Longform Interview. On official discourse on the governance of floods, emerging themes in climate politics in Pakistan, western framings of climate change and governance in the global South (link to video + podcast)
  • Habib University’s Twitter Space on Climate Change in Pakistan (link to recording in Urdu)
  • Colonial economic relations, debt, flood management – A Conversation with Jawad Siddiqui (link to video)
  • BOL Co-op Podcast. Global Assembly: Climate Catastrophe in Pakistan and the Call for Reparations in the global South (podcast)
  • UBC CISAR Floods in Pakistan: Considering Colonialism and Climate Change, October 2022 (link to video)
  • How the global North is implicated not just morally, but also materially. Made By History, The Washington Post. 12 October 2022 (article link)

Talks and interviews about my research